About Us

About us

CMC is the Community's Conversation

The Columbus Metropolitan Club is like NPR Live, like the office water cooler, the neighborhood coffee shop, the sports bar during a big game, the kitchen table at suppertime.  It's where we look forward to seeing our family and friends to share important news, discuss it, debate it, and mull over its ramifications for ourselves, our neighbors, our community and our world.  Jump in. Join the conversation. Diversity, Discussion, Debate - Our program committee evaluates and screens every forum topic assure the strongest programming in central Ohio.  CMC stakes its 41-year reputation on being balanced, non-partisan, diverse and open to all perspectives throughout our programming year.  

Our weekly CMC forums and special events feature a wide variety of speakers discussing the arts, social issues, politics, education, the economy, development, downtown revitalization , regional growth, business, entertainment and nearly any newsworthy topic. 

A member organization with more than 1100 individual and corporate members, CMC roster includes men and women from all areas of the community who are involved in a wide range of professional and business activities, including government, law, finance, health care, real estate, development, architecture, service, military, tourism, education, trades, marketing, public relations, sales and many other walks of life.

CMC forums are typically held every Wednesday from noon to 1:15 p.m. at the Boat House at Confluence Park,  679 West Spring Street. On special occasions, forums may be held on an alternate day of the week and alternative location.

Up-to-date forum information is always available on the website or on the front page of the inside section of Monday’s Daily Reporter.

           The Columbus Metropolitan Club is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization    

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